Experience the team building activities in Madrid and fall in love with the city more

Experience the team building activities in Madrid and fall in love with the city more

World Experience in Madrid carries out activities to enhance your team skills as a reward. Memorable memories that make them special and highly valued. They produce live communication and branding events, they use them for stories that express the personality of the brand and involve the participants. They ensure that the product is taken into an aggressive dedication through a passive appearance. World Experience develops concepts, creativities, and designs to achieve successful live brand experience with the collaboration of strategists, creators, and manufacturers.

Team building in Madrid:

World Experience, Team building in Madrid provides the expertise and guidance necessary to distinguish your event. Their full range of catering services includes custom menus, placement, and event design.

team building in Madrid

The party catering director will also oversee all of the leases, furniture, space plans, equipment, art, decorations, plants, presents, and other information or orders. Madrid can also facilitate the full planning and coordination of events. World experience allows you to plan, conceptualize and then be on hand to ensure that your activity is run properly.

The various team building activities in Madrid are:

  • OLYMPIC Corporate Games

Compete in your own individual mini Olympics including soccer, volleyball, athletics, and basketball. This event was structured to provide the best conditions for students to achieve and participate, as it does not involve a serious degree of training, suitable for all ages and skills!

After the inauguration ceremony, the participants will have to compete for round-robin in teams and players. As the day comes to an end, our head of the arbitration office will check, announce the winning team and present the awards.

  • Gourmet Tapas Tour

The road involves three visits at local bars and samples a variety of tasty parts at the party, including Iberian, Mediterranean, and Creative Tapas.

These tapas, depending on the dishes and flavors, are combined with white wine, red wine, and cava. This tour could easily replace lunch or dinner. The tapas are quite generous. It takes around 40 minutes to each stop, and between each stop, guests walk for between 20 and 30 minutes.

  • Beach & Sea Camp

Make a difference to your staff for a day outside the workplace. The players must compete against each other on a round-robin basis, divided into teams, including kayaking, soccer, paddle-surfing and volleyball, all in a unique beach environment. To play this event, you do not have to be an athlete, because our games are for everyone. The scores are then slowly placed on the record board as the matches end and warm-up.

Once the day comes to an end, our Chief Arbitrator will check the record board and announce the winner’s team. Develop teamwork to enable your team and winning team spirit to face new challenges!