5 Sizzling Outdoor Summer Party Ideas

Summer is here and so are outdoor summer parties! Planning your party begins with choosing a perfect theme for it. When it comes to summer parties, summer-related themes are an obvious choice, but it becomes difficult to decide on one. Click here for party ideas and awesome live party bands. We have Witten down five fun and creative list of summer party ideas for you.

  1. Beach Party

If you cannot throw a party at the beach, bring the beach to your backyard with a beach party theme. Set up beach-inspired games or host a bonfire gathering at night. For a beach-themed party, stock up on blue linens, glassware, outdoor pillows and rustic beach signs. You can mix different shades of blue throughout the decor and give this classic theme a modern twist. Your guests can wear their favorite swimwear or beach outfits.

  1. Lemonade Bash

A party where you can drink lemonade as much as you want? Hell yes to that! Lemonade is everyone’s go-to drink for summer. You can turn it into a summer party theme with some lemonade-inspired treats and yellow decor. Build a stylish lemonade stand that can work as a drink station and photo booth. Incorporate pink lemonade-inspired treats an décor in the party to add a pop of color.

  1. Summer Camp

Looking for a nature-oriented party theme? A summer camp theme would be an excellent choice. Use Plants, wood signage, s’mores and a campfire to transform your backyard into the perfect camp get-a-way. Tell your guests to wear camping inspired apparel and also provide throw blankets and pillows for a comfortable seating arrangement. Try screening a movie too with a popcorn bar to keep guests entertained.

  1. Ice Cream Fun

We cannot talk about summer without thinking about ice cream. Host an ice cream party to keep everyone cool this summer. Set up an ice cream bar for attendees where they can create their own ice cream masterpiece. Offer a variety of toppings such as cookie dough, strawberries, chocolate chips, cherries, marshmallows, and syrup. For decoration, use ice cream inspired decor and a bright color palette.

  1. Carnival

Who doesn’t love a decent carnival? Create your own carnival by bringing circus and county fair elements to your backyard. This theme will consist of games, carnival-friendly food, and colorful decorations. You can include classic carnival treats in your dessert-bar such as cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones. Your carnival would be incomplete without a lemonade stand and water bar that has fruit for guests to beat the heat in between carnival games. Some game ideas for a carnival-themed part include ring tosses, dart balloons, ping pong tosses and dunk tanks. Set up a fun prize table where children can cash in their tickets and get small prizes. In a corner, you can set up temporary tattoos and face paint stations for the guests.

These themes will make your summer party so much memorable for your guests, and they will surely have the time of their life.

About the Author:

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. She regularly posts at Green Light Booking.

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How to choose the best laser display system

You may be a complete novice to stage lighting and laser display systems or you may be quite experienced laser user or lighting designer. Either way, if you are not too sure what to go for when it comes to laser displays, continue reading and we’ll help you to make the right decision.
Please note that in this article the criteria are based on assumption that you are after a professional laser display system, which, if operated correctly, will provide you with the best performance available. For exactly the same reasons we will be referencing to laser display systems manufactured by Kvant Lasers s.r.o.

There are some crucial parameters that need to be considered when choosing the best laser projector for your stage lighting rig. The main one would be ultimately the laser output power that the system must provide to be visible enough in all the situations that may occur during the use.

A)Is it indoor or outdoor laser display? Indoor means that less power will be needed, but only if good amount of haze or smoke can be maintained within the space during the laser display. The size of the space is another important parameter. So here are some examples of what we recommend:A) Indoor venue, 1.500 people capacity, haze or smoke are not a problem, some basic stage lighting is used – go for Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4.

B) Indoor venue, 3.000 people capacity, haze or smoke are not a problem, basis stage lighting is used but also LED screen is in use – normally we would recommend same as above, the Clubmax 3000 FB4. But because of the LED screen brightness, the ideal solution will be KvantClubmax 6000 FB4 or even more powerful system KvantClubmax 10 FB4.

C) Large indoor venue such as concert hall with capacity of 8.000 people, haze or smoke are not a problem, fully equipped professional lighting rig is used including LED screens – go for Kvant Atom 12, Atom 15 or Atom 20.

D) Outdoor event such as fireworks diplay or large festival, 20.000 people, haze will help a lot, but can’t be guaranteed due to unpredictable wind conditions – go for Kvant Spectrum 20-40, LD Spectrum 20-40 or Spectrum and LD Spectrum RGBY 25 & 33.

E)If you are after some laser projected graphics such as logos, text and laser mapping rather than atmospheric effects, more important is the speed and precision of the scanning system then output power as such.
The scanners in every Kvant laser display system are more than capable of decent laser graphic performance, but if you want the best, you should consider one of the optional scanner upgrades which are available for every Kvant system. As an example, let’s say you need a 3D logo animation to be projected at night onto a wall from 150m distance, where the laser system is permanently installed outdoors – KvantLogolas 6000 FB4 with Saturn1 optional upgrade should be the one of your choice.

F)It’s not always about the power! The beam parameters such as beam divergence (measured in milli-radians) will massively influence the laser visibility over the distance. Kvant lasers are cleverly designed and in terms of visibility they will outperform most of other similarly power rated systems.

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Have fun in Chennai

The New Year is just a month away and people are already planning up what to do. If you are in Chennai, these can be your options.

Non Alcoholic Family NYE Party 2018: This is scheduled to happen from 31st December, 7.30 PM to 1st January 12 AM. One has to register by paying an amount of Rs 999. If you are a couple then you have to pay Rs 2999 and for stag it has to be Rs 1999. On this event there will be a lavish buffet spread. Apart from that there will be a mimicry show performed by TV actor Michael Augustine and by Madipakkam John. There will also be a magic show by Magician Kannan and it will be a delight for the kids. Then there is the DJ night where you can dance you heart out and welcome the New Year. For kids, there will be a lot of arrangements of games. One can also take part in lucky draws and win some exciting prizes. Once you enter, you will get a welcome drink. And then there will be a lovely spread of food consisting of Mutton Biriyani, Chicken 65, CHettinad Chicken Curry and those who are veg by preference; for them there will be Veg Biriyani, Malabar Paratha, Brinjal Curry, Gobi 65 and many more. In dessert platter, there will be sweets and ice creams. Popcorns and cadies will be there for the kids.

Tribal Gathering – Nye 2018: This one is organised by the ‘Sonic Living’ and it is going to happen on 31st December at 3 PM. The venue is the Southern Mermaid Resorts in Chennai. This event is basically a universal dance program and many artists have been invited to show their performances. This will be a different experience for sure. One can book their tickets and be a part of this amazing event.

NYE 2018 < BOLLYWOOD CARNIVAL: This is arranged by the ‘Desi Arena’ and the time is on 31st December at 8 PM. This will definitely see the best line up of DJ’s in Chennai with the perfect blend of music for you. Along with that you can get some amazing drinks and there will be a photo booth where you can take a lot of pictures with your friends and partner to make the perfect memory. Go ahead as this will be the perfect New Year party in Chennai for you.

Absolut New Year Party 2018: This is scheduled to happen on 31st December at 8 PM. The venue is at Willows and this is the ultimate party in town. Get fully dresses, drink down all the night and eat some amazing foods here. But this party is strictly for the couples and the single ladies. This can be a perfect ladies night out plan to all the single girls. Apart from drinks, one will get some finger licking starters as well.

There will be some other lovely events too on a New Years Eve but one needs to find them out.

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Throw a birthday party without any stress

For some parents planning a child’s birthday party can be a bang while other moms and dads find the party planning procedure difficult and a duty. Whether you choose to present a large costly kid’s party event or like a small get-together with family and close friends, it is essential to schedule a birthday party that is suitable for your child’s age and nature and takes into account your family’s fashion and economical plan. Young children frequently get crushed and over-energized easily. We have all been to birthday parties where children are in tears over costumed characters or deluged with the large numbers of unknown faces. Think about your child’s temperament and liking and plan a party where your child can be relaxed, be himself, and have fun. With contemplative planning, kid’s birthday parties can be significant occasions of joy and celebration with restricted stress for adults.

Start by meeting with your child to schedule her birthday party. Toddlers may easily tell you the flavor of the cake that they’d prefer, whereas preschool children frequently have particular birthday party concepts. Talk with preschool and older children about a party theme, whom to invite, and where to have the occasion. You might give your child an option between two outdoor playgrounds. Create the invitation with your child, if you have time, or bought one. If you determine to make your own party invitations, young children can paint or draw on them while older children might help make the invitations on a computer. Plan the food, cakes, and drinks that will be served at the party.

Small groups are suggested for young children. Some people have faith that the number of guests should be equivalent to the age the child is turning. If you feel a requirement to respond in kind for other kids’ birthday parties your child has been present, think about reciprocating with a fun play date. If you decide to host a large birthday party, either invite the whole class or don’t give out invitations at school. It is fine to invite just your child’s close friends, but the invitations should then go out by post or email.

When thinking about the birthday party concepts for toddlers, most enjoy simple party activities such as playing with balls, water play, bubbles, giant cartons, or similar colourful play dough with an assortment of cookie cutters. Preschool children enjoy simple party games, movement, and art activities. It’s useful to schedule the activities with your child. Think about the mural painting, dance and freeze when the music stops, or a cooking project. Children of all ages enjoy being inventive. Contemplate decorating party hats, making picture frames or having children to decorate their own cupcakes or cookies. Visit our site amuz.ca for more information.

There are many factors to think about when planning a child’s birthday party and tension shouldn’t be one of them. Keep in mind that every family is extraordinary and the prime goal is to plan a fun and special birthday party for your child.

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Usher in the New Year with pomp in Goa

Want o make this New Year really special? Want to usher in the New Year with lots of fun and pomp? Well then the destination for you this year is none other than Goa! Yes, the beach party capital of India, invites you for a time of fun and celebration this year so that you can welcome the New Year in style!

The peak season in Goa

The busiest tourist season in Goa begins from around the 15th of December and lasts till about a month. This is the time when this union territory dresses up in style and parties are held in almost every corner for celebrating the New Year and Christmas. So if you are planning on visiting Goa during this time, then make sure that you have your hotel bookings done well beforehand since you won’t get any in the last minute. Here are some of the most promising events that you can attend when going for New Year Parties in Goa:

  1. Hill Top Goa: Head out to the Hill Top Goa on the 31st of December from 4 in the evening to party. Get ready to meet people from all over the world as they flock to this destination to celebrate this New Year and to have a lot of fun. This is surely an event that you have to attend when in Goa during this time.

When: Sun, 31 Dec 4:00PM onwards

Where: HillTop Goa , Goa

  1. VKP – NYE Beach party: Want to start off your New Year with a bang on the beach? Then get ready to party all night long at the La Cabana which is hosting a beach party for all its guests as well as outsiders to join in the fun of celebrating New Year’s eve with one and all. And you know what? Invite as many of your friends as possible so that you can get free tickets to this massive showdown!

When: Sun, 31 Dec 6:00PM

Where: La Cabana Resort, Goa

  1. E-Trip New Year: You cannot be in Goa on the 31st of December and miss out on this grand event organized by E-Trip. Having successfully organised parties and events during this time of the year for the last four years, gear up and head out to this event to enjoy more fun and frolic than you can imagine.

When: Sat, 30 Dec 9:30 PM

Where: Nature Spot, Goa

  1. Yogaferie – culture and experiences in Goa: People go to Goa to rejuvenate themselves and what better way to do that than a yoga workshop on the beach. So if you want to give your new year a healthy start then after all the fun and play of the first few days of 2018, do head out to this workshop which will be conducted for straight eleven days on the pristine beaches of Goa.

When: Sat, Jan 20, 2018 9:00 PM + more dates

Where: On the beaches of Goa

Now that you know which are the upcoming fun and refreshing events that you can attend when in Goa, start planning your days!

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