The Best of Classic Hollywood at Your Doorstep

Casablanca by Michael Curtiz from 1942, the story is set during the Second World War in Morocco, in the city of Casablanca. The American Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) is the owner of the famous and very popular “Rick’s Bar”. People from all around the world circulate: it is a kind of free zone where music, love, gambling and adventure combine in an electrifying cocktail. One day Ilsa Lund (IngridBergman) arrives in town and is running away with her husband from the Nazis. You can now watch free streaming movies online from Hollywood of the best time.

One of the most famous Hollywood movies of all time

Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia) of David Lean from 1962, a blockbuster film of the most famous of all time, is the story of Lieutenant TE Lawrence (Peter O’Toole), of the British Headquarters in Cairo, who is sent to the Arab tribes in revolt against the Turkish government with the task of rekindling the revolt. After an audacious action and the taking of the stronghold of Aqaba, the officer, who took on the local customs and mentality, becomes the charismatic leader of the Arabs who now wants to set free against the same interests of the British government. His exploits have created around him an aura of invincibility that conditions him psychologically, pushing him to self-injury. Having become too cumbersome, Lawrence is set aside. However, the Arabs are now aware of their national belonging and can create a unitary state.

The best films to see that came after

Apocalypse Now and Forrest Gump After the golden age of Hollywood, American cinema has been able to renew itself in step with the times. From the 70s onwards the authors have acquired more artistic freedom at the expense of the power of the studios. The latter wanted to give directors a free hand to produce their films. This period is called “New Hollywood”, in short, a renewed Hollywood. In this climate of freedom, some of the most important films in the history of cinema were produced. Let’s find out one in particular. Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola from 1979, set during the Vietnam War, tells the story of Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) who was given the mission to reach and eliminate Kurtz ( Marlon Brando ), a US Army colonel in Vietnam that has trespassed into Cambodia with its men and has formed a sort of personal empire where it fights its own fierce private war in its territory. It will be a terrible journey, full of pitfalls and, even more, poisoned by multiple horrors.

  • It is formidable wars film that is, above all, a shocking journey through the turbid depths of human consciousness. After this period of great news, the status of power that the studios had lost during the “New Hollywood” returned. But the beautiful films did not end, indeed, they increased (even if you read only one out of all).

Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis from 1994, released on June 23rd, with an extraordinary Tom Hanks who also won the Oscar, tells the story of Forrest Gump, a boy from the South, a little late, who speaks slowly and who, thanks to his goodness and an incurable optimism, he becomes a football star, a war hero, an athlete, a millionaire and also marries the girl of his dreams. Throughout his life Forrest has the opportunity to meet the great leaders of his time, from Nixon to Lennon; to travel from Vietnam to Washington, from the Republic of China to London, up to New York.

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I do not download movies, series or music anymore. That was not always the case … When I started using massively internet when I was a student, having access to thousands of music tracks, movies, series  could turn the head and lead to a frenzy of downloads. Even if the problem of the legality of the download was already posed. Internet connections were more than feeble before the advent of ADSL and fiber. Download a simple song of a few Mo could take an hour ..


If you want to watch streaming content for free, it is better to go through a streaming site or another free streaming site without registration that you can find on the web or that you will recommend your friends. Good tips in this area are often known by word of mouth and the best streaming sites are generally well known to the public in search of movies, series (the TV series Games of Throne, for example , is in great demand) or of music.

Here, no need to create an account to access the video content of the site. The contents are accessible without registration. On the other hand, you will certainly find ads (beware of adware and malware !), Which seems legitimate to make the cost of hosting the website in return for a free service. However, you can read my article on tips for having a streaming site without ads to learn more.


The problem arises also for the sport for example to watch the league of the Champions in streaming. Football fans often look for ways, legal or not, to watch their favorite competition and often turn to stream websites

With a regular income, I find it normal to spend a few euros a month to enjoy the catalogs of movies/series/ music online. But we all have different attitudes toward this problem. A friend asked me a few days ago about the difficulty of finding a free streaming site without having to create an account on the site. Here is a summary of some tips I gave him.


Since I do not use streaming sites like , I had to do some research to understand the situation. I have come across many video streaming sites or ebook downloads where you had to create an account beforehand

I realized that some sites were presented as free sites but asked to leave his credit card after recovering your email in a first. Of course, this kind of process is to run away! It smells like a rip-off, you will be spammed at least and at worst you will charge your credit card…

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Simple Kits for Cleaning A Saxophone

The saxophone is a special and delicate instrument both in tone and in build. As with all delicate things, with its delicate nature comes a need for careful tending to ensure its continued top performance and durability.

In this article, we shall focus on looking at the need to properly clean this instrument, what you need to clean it and how to clean it.

Why You Should Clean Your Saxophone

Let’s begin by examining a few reasons why it is important to clean it. According to this article here, we are advised to clean this instrument after every performance.

The first reason is for the health of the instrument. When you play the instrument, you deposit your saliva (oil and dirt) in different parts of it. This saliva contains some acidic properties that is quite corrosive and will eat away gradually at the different parts of this instrument.

There is a second reason. More than just acidic content, your saliva also carries micro-organisms that can be harmful to the body. These bacteria can build up and cause serious health issues if not constantly cleaned out. We are therefore talking about both the health of the instrument and the player.

A few other reasons have to do with the aesthetics of the instrument. This is a way of keeping your instrument shiny. You will also not have a buildup of dust, dirt, grime oil and other materials that can hamper the performance of the instrument and even cause a buildup of harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms.

It is for these exact reasons that every saxophonist’s best companion is his or her cleaning kit.

saxophone cleaning kits

Items in a Kit

There are a couple of items that most saxophone cleaning kits will contain. These include:

Through Cloth

This is known by different names including cleaning swab, or cleaning cloth. You will usually need different sizes depending on the kind of saxophone you own. A through cloth is called this because it has a rope that allows you pull it through the sax. This cleans the inside of the saxophone of any liquid and dirt.

Other cloths that will be required will be used for polishing, and generallywiping dirt and dustfrom the different parts of the sax.

Mouthpiece Brush

This is pretty self-explanatory. It is necessary for cleaning the mouthpiece. It is very important that this part is properly cleaned. Remember that this is the part that makes direct contact with your mouth each time you play the instrument. It therefore makes absolute sense for it to be perfectly free of dirt and impurities at all times.

Tone Hole Cleaner

This is used to clean the tone holes. These holes can easily get clogged and so should be cleaned fairly often. You should also be careful while using the tone hole cleaner, so you do not cause any damage to the holes.

Pad Paper

This paper is used for cleaning the pads when they are damp. You should also use it for cleaning the tone hole openings.

Cork Grease

This is necessary to make it easier to push the mouthpiece over the cork without damaging it. It is especially very necessary when the saxophone is new or when the neck cork has just been replaced because it is a lot more difficult to slide in then.

How to Clean Your Saxophone

To clean your instrument, the first thing you need to do is to clean the mouthpiece and the neck. Ensure you thoroughly remove any moisture with the cleaning cloth.

Next, use the pad paper to remove any moisture that may be present in the pads and tone holes. For greater cleaning efficiency, you may need to take the instrument apart. Do not attempt this if you are new to this. If you can’t handle this, you may have to take it to a qualified technician for proper care.

To clean the inside of the saxophone, use the through cloth and pull it through the bell and out of the neck joint. This will clean out the inside of the instrument.

Do not forget to clean the tone hole with the tone hole cleaner and finally, use one of the cloths to thoroughly wipe down the instrument. You may also want to give it a polish, so it really shines.

For a very detailed guide, follow read this article here:

saxophone cleaning kits

A Few Recommendations

In rounding off, let’s quickly look at some of our top recommendations. These are products we feel can get the job done perfectly for you.

Andoer Saxophone Cleaning Care Kit

This kit contains 9 pieces including a reed case for safe storing of your precious reeds. Other pieces you will find in this kit include: a thumb rest, extra belt, four cleaning cloths, a mini screwdriver and a mouthpiece brush.

You will notice that this offers more than just cleaning items.

Luvay Saxophone Cleaning Care Kits

This cleaning kit comes with six very important cleaning pieces. These include: two through cloths of different sizes, two cleaning cloths, a mouthpiece brush and a small case. This kit can be used for cleaning saxophones and other woodwind instruments.

Yamaha Alto/Tenor Sax Maintenance Kit

This is a kit you should seriously consider if you are new to this. It comes with a care manual as well as cork grease, polishing cloth, mouthpiece brush, tone hole cleaner, cleaning swab and pad papers.

This should easily set you on the right path with regards to maintaining your instrument.


There are always a lot of options to choose from whether for this or other products. The important thing here is for you to ensure you choose a cleaning kit that will help you keep your instrument in the best of shapes. This is very important if you want your instrument to continue to perform at its best for many years to come.

You should also remember that when you take proper care of your instrument, you are also indirectly taking care of yourself because you will be removing harmful bacteria that could easily getinto your body from your mouthpiece or hands.

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How to Choose the Right Photo Booth for Your Event

There are different types of events and each of them require a different type of  Singapore photo booth. A photo booth that is meant for a birthday party intended for a teenager celebrant will be different from the booth for a wedding’s reception party. That’s why it is the first step to choosing a photo booth; you have to be mindful of the kind of event you are going to hold.

Determine the amount of space you want for the photo booth. There are some venues that have limited space especially when you almost reach its maximum capacity. The open-air type of booth has small footprint while especially the mirror-styled booth. You must also know your preferred backdrop.

Check the props if they are fresh or reused several times. You might not be aware of it but guests could be sweaty when they used the props and these may simply be boxed right after the event ready for the next one. This is not hygienic at all.

Ask the company to set up the photo booth first before you call it a deal. It’s not good to have a photo booth that is a complete standout in the event. Remember that much effort has been spent on props, theming, and making the venue appealing to everyone. Make sure that you have an attractive photo booth that matches the look and feel of the themed event.

You also have to make sure that the Singapore photo booth company you hire is insured. If the event is held in a highly reputable venue, it’s likely that they will ask all the vendors to provide a certificate of insurance including the photographers, DJs, decorators, and photo booths. Without the insurance, they will not be allowed to enter the venue.

You also need to ask if there will be any backup equipment in the venue. A number of photo booths are composed of computer hardware and software along with lighting, printers, and other equipment. Technology may err at times and when the going gets rough it’s better to have backup equipment during the event.

photo booth singapore

Ask if the company has a video messaging capacity. This is another feature to consider when you are choosing a photo booth company. It’s important to ask the company before you close the deal. Video messaging is an important feature especially when the event involves the youth.

You also have to check on the cost of the photo booth. It is an important factor to consider. Most photo booth companies will charge you according to the duration of the event. There may also be additional charges for some extra features. There are photo booth firms that advertise their costs. The cost of photo booths may also vary according to the location of the event.

There are different types of photo booths. Some of them are GIF photo booths, open photo booths, and inflatable photo booths. You better ask yourself about your preferences regarding photo booths. You have to consider if it is fine with you to have a curtain or to create your own backdrop.

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Save The Date: Let All The Memories Captured By A Camera

All the memories that had happened must be captured by the lens of a camera. An event will be more admiring when having a photo booth at the corner upon entering. It would be nicer when the guests will enter the booth first together with their partners for picture taking. To take a perfect capture of you with your partner or family can be fun. This is a fun idea by most done events recently. The potential to record the messages during the event completes the entire memory album. This can be a perfect souvenir of the event. Either you will be sharing these photos or keeping it all for yourself, photo booth Singapore must be hired.

photobooth rental Singapore

Choose the right photo booth service

It is expected that numbers of photo booth companies are offering their services. Anyone can easily look and hire a company with vast choices around. But, it is essential to make sure that you are choosing a quality company. Keep in mind that this sort of entertainment is not low-cost. Thus, you must have to make sure that the booth is available and operating overnight with its high standard. This way, you are paying a worthy expense. As customers, you also have to be specific on your requirement for the photo booth. You can tell them the size of the photo booth that you expect to have. If you choose larger booths, then this is more fun. It can hold 8 people which is perfect for a group photo. It will let you interact with all the guests and make sure that the people can take home photos as a souvenir. This is a perfect idea which is fun and top quality.

It meets the requirement 

The photo booth singapore will always take a fantastic photo to ensure that nothing misses out. The opportunity of the guests to give their best pose can’t be skipped by the lens of the camera. Whether the event is a birthday, wedding or thanksgiving, you may want to take a family photo, group photo or solo photo. So, the photo booth needs to be fully open and operating the whole time. If you are willing to pay more for more, you can choose booths like black and white, and with color photos. Plus, there might be freebies like props such as headdress. This is something that makes the photo booth unique and it creates a difference. It adds another kind of element to the hired photo booth.

Save photos in the event to keep  

The entire event can be more fun and appealing to everyone. You can also decide how many copies to produce. Some will only have one print which is not fun for the guests. It is nicer if it produces double or triple copies for the guests to get their copy too. Take time to check the photo booth company you are hiring. With this, it guarantees that you have quality equipment for the event. A lot of booths with qualified photographers to make the event more fun. Photo booths can brighten up the event.

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