Our wedding is one of the most important happenings in our life, and if something goes wrong would be the last thing that we could ever imagine that is why when we want to hire a wedding planner, we should consider a lot of things and should be strict when it comes to qualifications.

In fact, if we hire a wedding planner, it usually costs around the ten-percent of the entire budget for an average wedding event and whether to hire a wedding planner, it is still an important matter to be discussed by the couple who wants to say their vows to each other.

It is important for us to know that we can ask discounts from wedding planners because the quality of their service depends on their talent fee, and this has become one of the most common misconceptions about wedding planners is that a lot of couples out there expect that they can salvage a discount or bargains, but these people also work hard in order for your wedding to become a “fairy-tale” like event that is why you should set aside a considerable amount of money if you want your wedding to be very memorable. But still, be careful about those people who pretend as wedding planners.

Because of that, in this article from Yarra Valley Weddings, we will discuss some easy steps in hiring a good wedding planner for your big day.

·         MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR WEDDING PLANNER- Building a good relationship, means, you should be polite and always put a smile on your face every time you and your fiancé meets with the planner to sort things out about your upcoming wedding. Invite the planner into a dinner at your house or at a restaurant. Be friendly at them every time even though they’ll begin to discuss the more intricate details of the wedding that requires more money to spend. If you can build a good relationship with your wedding planner, it will be easier for you to ask for some discounts or some consultations or services that are free of charge.

·         ALWAYS BE CERTAIN OF YOUR CONSULTATION- This means that if you’re about to consult a wedding planner, make sure that you already have some questions and queries in mind. In this way, you’ll make the wedding planner’s job easier. If you have a concept of your wedding and the plans you want to suggest, provide it to them immediately and ask them what are the things that must be done. You should help your wedding planner in giving them a clearer view of your dream wedding.

·         FIND THE MOST TRUSTWORTHY WEDDING PLANNER- Not all wedding planners are the same. They are specializing in a certain aspect of weddings. They have a certain level of different levels of services in their resume that might not fit with your planned wedding. It’s better to hire an all-in-one wedding planner that is known to be reliable and reputable to their previous clients. Although they cost more than the average wedding planner, you are assured of a perfectly organized wedding except if there’s an unforeseen circumstance that might ruin your wedding day like a sudden rain shower, but God forbids that won’t happen.

·         PROPOSE A REASONABLE BUDGET- Just like what I mentioned above, you should set aside a budget to hire a wedding planner. The more expensive service fee that a wedding planner pegs at you, it doesn’t mean they’ll provide you the best service that is why you should actively streamline all the available wedding planner in your location to land the reputable and reliable wedding planner just like the contemporary wedding venues Melbourne.