Why You Should Be Business-minded If You Want To Be Successful In Hollywood

If you want to succeed in Hollywood most people will tell you that you need hard work, you need to have connections and you need to get yourself out there. If you’re just a newcomer you need to secure any roles even if it’s just as a tree, the patient, the dead guy, the one that shouts and gets killed immediately and so on. What most people will never tell you is how to be successful in Hollywood and that is by having a business-minded mindset as like Ryan Kavanaugh.

The thing about Hollywood and what they sell to people that want to enter their realm is that it’s art, its glitz, and glamour and although that is true, at the end of day a movie’s success isn’t measured because they started the hottest stars on the block, but how much money it got. Keep in mind that actors already got their hefty paycheck before the movie got finished, when it got released a year or more its the other people that invested in the movie’s time to cash in. Call it you may but Hollywood is all about the profits. That’s why if you don’t want to be played you need to think like a businessman even if you haven’t landed in various roles yet because it will make you become more successful.

Ryan Kavanaugh

Big stars are asking for ludicrous paychecks: There will always be some news in Hollywood that there are stars in order for them to star in a movie that they have to get a very hefty sum that is more than what the movie would be willing to give. Although there are people that are sometimes out of their league, some are actually justifiable especially ones that have worked in bigger or successful franchises. Because there is so much money in making movies, more than what executives pay the stars to play the role and of course stars know that and want to get a bigger paycheck. If you know how to play your cards right you will land the role eventually.

Never get any roles: Even if you’re very desperate to get a gig, never get any random roles that you will regret in the end. Because if you become famous in the future these roles will come back to haunt you. There are many embarrassing roles that are out there and some can be fun but some will make your career over before it even began. So before you take that role, think of your future and see if it can be something that you can laugh out on in the future when you’re finally starring in your bigger roles.

Gun for roles in successful franchises: There are many franchises that are out there in Hollywood that people know will surely succeed like the fast and furious franchise, 007, avengers, Star Wars, X Men, Jurassic Park, Spider-Man just to even say a few. Gun for any roles in these films and surely many people will notice you. Except if you’re a stormtrooper or any masked alien that can’t be recognized. Successful films make a good resume and for you to land a role in those films will certainly boost your resume.

There’s a good reason why there are so many people that never became successful in Hollywood, some landed roles that they regret doing and some are paid very little compared to what they should really be paid for. Why are there cases like these in Hollywood? It’s because at the end of the day measurement of a movie’s success is by the profit that is created. So if you want to be successful, don’t just follow your heart, also think like a businessman like Ryan Kavanaugh.