The Best of Classic Hollywood at Your Doorstep

Casablanca by Michael Curtiz from 1942, the story is set during the Second World War in Morocco, in the city of Casablanca. The American Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) is the owner of the famous and very popular “Rick’s Bar”. People from all around the world circulate: it is a kind of free zone where music, love, gambling and adventure combine in an electrifying cocktail. One day Ilsa Lund (IngridBergman) arrives in town and is running away with her husband from the Nazis. You can now watch free streaming movies online from Hollywood of the best time.

One of the most famous Hollywood movies of all time

Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia) of David Lean from 1962, a blockbuster film of the most famous of all time, is the story of Lieutenant TE Lawrence (Peter O’Toole), of the British Headquarters in Cairo, who is sent to the Arab tribes in revolt against the Turkish government with the task of rekindling the revolt. After an audacious action and the taking of the stronghold of Aqaba, the officer, who took on the local customs and mentality, becomes the charismatic leader of the Arabs who now wants to set free against the same interests of the British government. His exploits have created around him an aura of invincibility that conditions him psychologically, pushing him to self-injury. Having become too cumbersome, Lawrence is set aside. However, the Arabs are now aware of their national belonging and can create a unitary state.

The best films to see that came after

Apocalypse Now and Forrest Gump After the golden age of Hollywood, American cinema has been able to renew itself in step with the times. From the 70s onwards the authors have acquired more artistic freedom at the expense of the power of the studios. The latter wanted to give directors a free hand to produce their films. This period is called “New Hollywood”, in short, a renewed Hollywood. In this climate of freedom, some of the most important films in the history of cinema were produced. Let’s find out one in particular. Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola from 1979, set during the Vietnam War, tells the story of Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) who was given the mission to reach and eliminate Kurtz ( Marlon Brando ), a US Army colonel in Vietnam that has trespassed into Cambodia with its men and has formed a sort of personal empire where it fights its own fierce private war in its territory. It will be a terrible journey, full of pitfalls and, even more, poisoned by multiple horrors.

  • It is formidable wars film that is, above all, a shocking journey through the turbid depths of human consciousness. After this period of great news, the status of power that the studios had lost during the “New Hollywood” returned. But the beautiful films did not end, indeed, they increased (even if you read only one out of all).

Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis from 1994, released on June 23rd, with an extraordinary Tom Hanks who also won the Oscar, tells the story of Forrest Gump, a boy from the South, a little late, who speaks slowly and who, thanks to his goodness and an incurable optimism, he becomes a football star, a war hero, an athlete, a millionaire and also marries the girl of his dreams. Throughout his life Forrest has the opportunity to meet the great leaders of his time, from Nixon to Lennon; to travel from Vietnam to Washington, from the Republic of China to London, up to New York.