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Songs You Should Include In Your Christmas Playlist

Christmas stuff makes people feel good. People like to connect with things that make them happy. Christmas decorations and Christmas songs evoke those strong feelings of the holiday season. There are some who remember warm memories of their childhood when they hear the carols.

Only a few more days and it’s Christmas already. Almost all malls and establishments have Christmas carols blaring from their sound systems. You can even hear several Christmas songs on the streets. Kids try to hum or sing with mispronounced lyrics. Here are some Christmas songs you can download from jazzidisciples mp3. They might belong to your Christmas playlist.

The Christmas Song by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys’ version of the classic The Christmas Song adopts a straightforward approach. Her piano arrangement is very endearing. The jazzy minor chords matched the classical embellishments. Her trademark fiery vocals end it with a flourish. This song brings sweetness and warmth to listeners.

Not Another Christmas Song by Blink 182

The track is a delightful downer of a holiday anthem. It has chugging pop-punk riffs during the verse opening up into a full-throated chorus. You can hear some sleigh bells in the mix as well. They turn the Christmas season into a symbol of the ceaseless churn of time. The song is about more adventurous younger years. And a crumbling relationship in the present.

Christmas Without You by Jacquees

This song reminisces about an ex on Christmas. It highlights Jacquees’ range. The song itself is very gentle. You can feel the heartfelt charm of winter holidays with its faint jingle bells. A matching soft acoustic guitar captured it very well. The rising R&B singer seized the lovelorn and the seasonal emotion through this song.

Hip Hop And Pop Songs

Christmas Babe by DJ Layla feat. Sianna and Radu Sirbu

Christmas Babe is a beautiful winter love story. The Romanian hit-makers trio DJ Layla, Radu Sirbu, and Sianna come through with yet another hit. The wonderful music matched the mesmerizing vocals very well. You will reach a different world altogether.

All I Get For Christmas by Mila J

The sultry ballad comes with Mila’s Holiday album. It is about having her loved one as the only gift she receives for Christmas. And how it feels like she already has everything because of that. The smooth vibe and the relaxing feel of the song make it perfect for a lazy cold afternoon.

Music has a strong tie to nostalgia. This is why hearing a song from your childhood can take you back to your memory lane. This is also why listening to certain Christmas songs can make people feel warm and fuzzy. Listening to some Christmas tracks make you feel wistful for your childhood. Most often than not, it makes you feel festive and happy. This is because your brain has already created positive associations with the music.

Christmas music has a special ability to make you feel various emotions. You may feel jolly and then feel nostalgic. It also releases tension that most people feel during the holidays. They get stressed because of the festivities. Listening to Christmas music somehow relaxes them. For those who are sick and cannot go out to feel the wonderful Lenten season, Christmas is a pain. Listening to Christmas songs somehow ease the pain they feel. There is a Christmas song for any mood you have.