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How to Choose the Right Photo Booth for Your Event

There are different types of events and each of them require a different type of  Singapore photo booth. A photo booth that is meant for a birthday party intended for a teenager celebrant will be different from the booth for a wedding’s reception party. That’s why it is the first step to choosing a photo booth; you have to be mindful of the kind of event you are going to hold.

Determine the amount of space you want for the photo booth. There are some venues that have limited space especially when you almost reach its maximum capacity. The open-air type of booth has small footprint while especially the mirror-styled booth. You must also know your preferred backdrop.

Check the props if they are fresh or reused several times. You might not be aware of it but guests could be sweaty when they used the props and these may simply be boxed right after the event ready for the next one. This is not hygienic at all.

Ask the company to set up the photo booth first before you call it a deal. It’s not good to have a photo booth that is a complete standout in the event. Remember that much effort has been spent on props, theming, and making the venue appealing to everyone. Make sure that you have an attractive photo booth that matches the look and feel of the themed event.

You also have to make sure that the Singapore photo booth company you hire is insured. If the event is held in a highly reputable venue, it’s likely that they will ask all the vendors to provide a certificate of insurance including the photographers, DJs, decorators, and photo booths. Without the insurance, they will not be allowed to enter the venue.

You also need to ask if there will be any backup equipment in the venue. A number of photo booths are composed of computer hardware and software along with lighting, printers, and other equipment. Technology may err at times and when the going gets rough it’s better to have backup equipment during the event.

photo booth singapore

Ask if the company has a video messaging capacity. This is another feature to consider when you are choosing a photo booth company. It’s important to ask the company before you close the deal. Video messaging is an important feature especially when the event involves the youth.

You also have to check on the cost of the photo booth. It is an important factor to consider. Most photo booth companies will charge you according to the duration of the event. There may also be additional charges for some extra features. There are photo booth firms that advertise their costs. The cost of photo booths may also vary according to the location of the event.

There are different types of photo booths. Some of them are GIF photo booths, open photo booths, and inflatable photo booths. You better ask yourself about your preferences regarding photo booths. You have to consider if it is fine with you to have a curtain or to create your own backdrop.