A quality of music always gives relief to our body, mind and soul. Musical instrument are one of major source which provide various musical sound according to which we can able to connect with any particular music. One such musical instrument is piano. It is difficult to play but it produces very pleasing and very attentive musical tone.

Physical benefits

Music has special effect on human body it reduces stress, reduces anxiety, controls heart and respiratory problems and many more. All these benefits are not only for making story rather it has been discussed in the book ”sound of healing”. Playing a piano gives even more physical benefits like it lowers blood pressure, immune response increases. Very smooth and lovely sound is generated by piano player that all surroundings completely get changed in peace and love.

Increases better thinking ability

A research says that a piano player’s IQ more than any other normal human beings. Learning a piano is now very simple you can learn piano from https://pianoin21days.com/the-4-ways-to-learn-how-to-play-piano. Some facts have been noted down in a research made by an university of Toronto. These are mentioned below.

  • IQ level of a piano student was increased by 7 points.
  • Other students group had only increment of 4.25 points.
  • Playing piano increases focus of student for a longer period of time.

Thus we can say that piano is very much like a medicine to human. In the era of technology where people are getting closer to their latest technology it is required to increase their interest in piano so that their IQ and concentration power increases.

Impact of piano learning

It is not very much difficult to learn piano as it provide flexibility on offer. A online medium is best platform to learn piano because it saves a lot of money and it depends completely on learner’s interest. One can complete it within a week time. While learning piano you can observe change in your mental and physical state. It may be difficult to be noticed but after sometime you can easily notice what changes has been occurred in your body and you can also feel mentally you are now more mature. Your thinking ability will become complete different from what your thinking was before as a normal human.


Playing piano has many proven and drastic benefits that we have already gone through so it can be said that piano is effective for all ages. It can be change a person physically and mentally, it can improve a social intellectuality of a society and it can make a person emotional with strong feeling of good and bad. With ongoing researches we can say that music specially piano have much more good to give human along with sweet satisfying music.