How to choose the best laser display system

You may be a complete novice to stage lighting and laser display systems or you may be quite experienced laser user or lighting designer. Either way, if you are not too sure what to go for when it comes to laser displays, continue reading and we’ll help you to make the right decision.
Please note that in this article the criteria are based on assumption that you are after a professional laser display system, which, if operated correctly, will provide you with the best performance available. For exactly the same reasons we will be referencing to laser display systems manufactured by Kvant Lasers s.r.o.

There are some crucial parameters that need to be considered when choosing the best laser projector for your stage lighting rig. The main one would be ultimately the laser output power that the system must provide to be visible enough in all the situations that may occur during the use.

A)Is it indoor or outdoor laser display? Indoor means that less power will be needed, but only if good amount of haze or smoke can be maintained within the space during the laser display. The size of the space is another important parameter. So here are some examples of what we recommend:A) Indoor venue, 1.500 people capacity, haze or smoke are not a problem, some basic stage lighting is used – go for Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4.

B) Indoor venue, 3.000 people capacity, haze or smoke are not a problem, basis stage lighting is used but also LED screen is in use – normally we would recommend same as above, the Clubmax 3000 FB4. But because of the LED screen brightness, the ideal solution will be KvantClubmax 6000 FB4 or even more powerful system KvantClubmax 10 FB4.

C) Large indoor venue such as concert hall with capacity of 8.000 people, haze or smoke are not a problem, fully equipped professional lighting rig is used including LED screens – go for Kvant Atom 12, Atom 15 or Atom 20.

D) Outdoor event such as fireworks diplay or large festival, 20.000 people, haze will help a lot, but can’t be guaranteed due to unpredictable wind conditions – go for Kvant Spectrum 20-40, LD Spectrum 20-40 or Spectrum and LD Spectrum RGBY 25 & 33.

E)If you are after some laser projected graphics such as logos, text and laser mapping rather than atmospheric effects, more important is the speed and precision of the scanning system then output power as such.
The scanners in every Kvant laser display system are more than capable of decent laser graphic performance, but if you want the best, you should consider one of the optional scanner upgrades which are available for every Kvant system. As an example, let’s say you need a 3D logo animation to be projected at night onto a wall from 150m distance, where the laser system is permanently installed outdoors – KvantLogolas 6000 FB4 with Saturn1 optional upgrade should be the one of your choice.

F)It’s not always about the power! The beam parameters such as beam divergence (measured in milli-radians) will massively influence the laser visibility over the distance. Kvant lasers are cleverly designed and in terms of visibility they will outperform most of other similarly power rated systems.